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    Bill Skarsgard Teases The Depths Of Pennywise’s Origins We’ll See In The Sequel To ‘It’

    Bill Skarsgard has made Pennywise from Stephen King’s It his own in a way that is respectful to Tim Curry’s portrayal in the TV mini-series almost 30 years ago and terrifying in new ways that expand from King’s book. While he’s hinted at some of his hopes for the sequel in the past, including the Pennywise flashback scene that was reportedly too “disturbing” for […]

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    Jason Returns in Kill Happy Friday the 13th Fan-Made Trailer

    Happy Friday the 13th, horror fans.Today is a day that is synonymous with scary things and yet, the horror franchise that is named after this very day is at a standstill. Ever since the 2009 reboot of Friday the 13th, it has been seemingly impossible to get a new movie featuring Jason Voorhees off the […]

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    Pennywise Eats a Baby in IT Deleted Scene

    IT had a scene that was just too disturbing to make it to the big screen, and it’s not the young teen orgy scene that you’re thinking of. The movie is now the highest grossing R-rated horror movie of all time as well as the highest earning Stephen King adaptation and the fastest grossing movie for […]

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    These 7 Disney Movie Villains You’ll Definitely Meet In Real Life

    What If Disney Villains Were Real? Now you may think they wouldn’t be so scary since they wouldn’t have all their magic backing them up. However, it seems like they might be more scheming and might even fly under the radar. We all meet evil people in our lives. People who are poisonous and will […]

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    Disney Princesses Re-Imagined As Horror Movie Villains

    Virginia-based artist Travis Falligant teamed with to showcase a series of Disney princesses he’s turned into well-known horror movie characters, and the results are fantastic. 1. Pocahontas as Jason Voorhees via: Drawn by: Travis Falligant. John Smith’s gonna wish he never stepped foot on Pocahontas’ lake. 2. Cinderella as Carrie via: Drawn by: Travis Falligant. Cinderella’s wicked stepmother […]

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    Art Teacher Hilariously Honors The Least Tragic Deaths Of This Year In Her Halloween Decor, RIP Old Taylor Swift!

    Gravestones and spooky don’t always have to go hand in hand. And tombstones don’t always have to honor dead people either. A lawn in Mamaroneck, New York is covered with gravestones but honoring the trends that died in 2017. Instead of honoring dead people. Michael Fry You must be wondering who the genius behind these hilariously […]

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    10+ Parents Who Are Totally Fed The Fuck Up Of Their Kids

    Being a parent can be difficult. Especially if your child keeps acting out or constantly posts about “getting dick.” I can’t imagine how awkward or frustrating that would be. However, some badass parents call their children out on their behaviour. And it’s always hilarious when they do. Here are some parents who are totally fed […]

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    10+ Illustrations Depict How Animals Would Behave If They Were Humans

    What If We Were Animals? Have you ever wondered this scenario? I get that animals might not be as intelligent as we are. However, it is just a matter of perspective. Ever wondered how animals would act if they were humans? While this may be a controversial subject for many, you have to admit that […]

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    10+ Disturbing Illustrations That Shows Everything Wrong With World Today

    The world is turning into a nightmare. At least some people believe so. Our obsession with destroying the environment and morals seems to be getting more intense. Artists Luis Quiles and Steve Cutts agree with that. And they have been illustrating their thoughts through art. There are a lot of things going wrong in the world. We need to […]

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