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10+ Frightening Pixar Moments That Freaked You The Hell Out

#11 When the big scary bird fed Chopper to its demon babies

Pixar || A Bug’s Life

#12 Jesse’s entire backstory

Pixar || Toy Story 2

#13 Bing Bong sacrificing himself to save Joy so Riley could be happy.

Pixar || Inside out

#14 Boo is helpless and trapped as a machine tries to steal her screams

Pixar || Monsters Inc.

#15 When Auto revealed that he would trap humanity upon the Axiom in the coldness of space forever.

Pixar || Wall-E

#16 Mr Incredible had to watch Syndrome blow up his family and thought they died.

Pixar || The Incredibles

#17 When they got closer and closer to the furnace and just gave up, held hands, and accepted their death.

Pixar || Toy Story 3

Wtf, Pixar. Why do you do this to us?

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