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10+ Haunting Illustrations Of Mental Illnesses And Disorders

Mental illnesses and disorders have long since been undermined by society and even the medical world. Contrarily, art has always been the stead medium of people undergoing mental distress. The brainchild of artist, Toby Allen, he created a series to visualize what mental disorders actually feel like. Illnesses such as depression, anxiety and paranoia are depicted as monsters. The haunting illustrations he creates bring to light what most people suffer on a daily basis yet no one can physically witness.

Haunting Illustrations of Mental Disorders

Social Anxiety

Source: Toby Allen

“The Social Anxiety monster spends most of its life underground or in secluded secure areas. due to this their skin seems pale and anemic, excluding arduous plates that function associate degree spare means that of defence. they’re from constant biological family because the anxiety and psychosis monsters however attributable to their extreme approach of life they need evolved to seem quite completely different.”

“The monster spends most of its time in hibernation however can project their auras into human hosts within the hope of living out the normal lives they’ll ne’er have. within the method, the monster passes on its own anxieties to its victims thus each monster and also the human host similar irrational social fears and worries.”


Source: Toby Allen

“Anxiety is tiny enough to take a seat on its victim’s shoulder and whisper things in to their unconscious, eliciting fearful thoughts and irrational worries. The anxiety monster is commonly seen as weak compared to others, however it’s one among the foremost common and is incredibly exhausting to induce obviate. They usually carry tiny objects coupled to their victim’s anxieties like clocks that represent a standard however irrational worry of things that may ne’er happen. nobody has ever seen the face of the anxiety monster for it continuously wears a bone as a mask.”

Borderline Personality Disorder

Source: Toby Allen

“The Borderline temperament monster is one in all the foremost delicate however maybe the foremost sinister of monsters. They furl little swarms around their victims and use pheromones to heighten the emotions of their victim before feeding upon the emotional energies. They feed on any feeling however tend to favour feelings of depression. The monster is created virtually fully of clear ice, rendering it invisible. solely the maple formed leaf on its tail is visible to the oculus and appears sort of a falling leaf. every now and then once the monster gorges itself an excessive amount of on any given emotions, it will overwhelm them and that they shatter like glass.”

Avoidant Personality Disorder

Source: Toby Allen

“The Avoidant temperament is analogous to Social Anxiety however abundant smaller in size and prefers to be on top of ground. They pay most of their time activity in trees, victimization their leaf-like wings to camouflage and conceal from anyone or something that’s around them.”

“They have associate ugly look to keep at bay contact with alternative monsters, however square measure in reality light and type creatures, having a fragile beauty concerning them that even the creature is usually unaware of. They move with their victims innocently, solely desire to be friendly, however they accidentally pass off their own anxieties and fears to the victim, with contagious spores excreted from their tails.”


Source: Toby Allen

“The Depression monster floats around endlessly, continually covering his eyes to cover itself from the surface world. as a result of this, it continually bumps into individuals or alternative monsters inflicting additional distress to itself when. Its solely relief is to wrap its fluid tail around a victim and share its depression with them. The victim is unaware of the monster however can register a heaviness and can develop a state of deep depression. meantime the monster absorbs any positive emotions from its host till it’s had its fill and moves onto another host.”


Source: Toby Allen

“The psychosis monster may be a vile creature that manipulates its victims into doing its bidding. It uses psychoactive gases secreted from the pores on its underbelly to manage and influence others to try to to what it desires. Its victims relate to the monster as a strong and dominant voice within their subconscious. it’s usually in the midst of alternative monsters like psychosis, with psychosis taking on Associate in Nursing authoritative role very like a mafia gang leader. they’re seldom seen and prefer to hide within the shadows.”


Source: Toby Allen

“The psychosis monster uses its tall ears sort of a measuring device, scanning the world for any activity. if truth be told the monsters ears square measure nearly useless thanks to the tight coiled gristle and thick fur, therefore the sounds typically get confused and muffled which means psychosis nearly typically hears the incorrect issue, that it then passes onto its victim. They satisfy feelings of tension of concern that they accidentally produce among their victims and that they work with different monsters like psychosis and Anxiety, of that they share an identical biology.”

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Source: Toby Allen

“The divisible Identity Monster (also called dissociative disorder disorder) will be characterised by its ability to change its kind into no matter it likes. yet as dynamic itself physically, the creature conjointly takes on totally different persons of itself every with their own temperament. The Monster’s perpetually neutering kind reflects its victims alternate personalities. If many alternative personalities exist, the monster and victim will become confused regarding their original identity and multiple persons will play call at constant kind. No “DID” monster appearance or acts constant as another.”

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Source: Toby Allen

“The post traumatic stress monsters were once a part of a race of benevolent guardians World Health Organization became corrupted by a painful and unknown malady. Left a twisted shell of their former selves, the monsters began to crave the extreme rush of concern and trauma to uninteresting their own pain very similar to a drug.”

“The monsters will be found stalking battlefields or lurking close to traumatic events and natural disasters, feeding off the collective trauma and concern. they’re going to then hunt down people concerned and stalk them, changing into a relentless reminder of that pain. Victims square measure forced to experience the terrific moment over and all over again whereas the monster feeds on the harmful energy. The anxiety disorder monster is an element of identical family because the anxiety monster.”


Source: Toby Allen

“The bipolar monster is actually 2 opposing consciousnesses fighting for management over one body. One consciousness expresses a continuing state of mania, feeling terribly excitable and over-active, whole the opposite is forever in an exceedingly low and depressive state. Usually, just one temperament has management at any given time, whereas the dormant facet fights to require over the body.”

“They use aerosolized pheromones to dominate and commit to take over their shared body, influencing anyone that’s in shut proximity to the monster and spending the dominant state over to the victim. The victim can then expertise alternating states just like the monster itself. This monster is extraordinarily fast and agile, creating it terribly tough to spot.”

Sleep Disorder

Source: Toby Allen

“The Sleeping Disorder Monster may be a puckish creature that ne’er rests. it’ll search out a fellow, or victim within the middle of the night and keep them responsive to satiate its eternal dissatisfaction. Most often, the victim can get little or no sleep, if any the least bit, stressing the victim and inspiring different monsters to hitch in with its games.”

“If the monster finds its fellow already asleep, it’ll become maddened and can play a spread of nasty or harmful tricks on its victim. It will induce nightmares or night terrors by burning incense from its tail. It will cause sleep apnoea by wrapping its tusk round the victim’s neck. It will even sit on numerous body components to quickly paralyse its unwilling playmates. These ar simply some of the various tools at this monsters disposal.”

Anorexia Nervosa

Source: Toby Allen

16 Haunting Illustrations Of Mental sicknesses And Disorders
“As a parasitic assassin, anorexia slowly kills its victims from the insdie. This monster is sort of invisible, due to its clear body, however it casts its shadow on those it inhabits, inflicting its victims to envision a crooked image of themselves. It manipulates and management its victims, convincing them to keep up a lowest weight by proscribing food intake and inspiring excessive exercise to lose what it perceives as further weight.”

“The final goal of anorexia is to create its victims destroy themselves through starvation and different health complications that arise as a result of its manipulation. the most powers of this monster ar management and secrecy that cause its victims to do and conceal their extreme habits. so as to defeat anorexia, its existence should be acknowledged, solely then will its powers be rendered useless. it’s common for eating disorder and Body Dysmorphia to figure along.”

Selective Mutism

Source: Toby Allen

16 Haunting Illustrations Of Mental sicknesses And Disorders
“The selective status monster isn’t AN inherently evil creature and is seen additional as a mischievous scavenger. The monsters board a loud and rackety community of fellow creatures, however area unit born while not the aptitude to talk. to suit into their society, they steal voices and keep them during a hollow out fruit that they wear around their necks. The monster will then speak by victimisation the fruit very like a whistle.”

“They favour stealing the sweet and high-pitched sounding voices of youngsters however can typically hunt down additional mature voices and check out them out. They don’t sometimes keep hold of a voice for too long and can pass it back to its original owner in favour of a replacement, contemporary sounding one.”


Source: Toby Allen

16 Haunting Illustrations Of Mental diseases And Disorders
“This little and ostensibly harmless monster, Misophonia simply needs to cause annoyance or feelings of disgust and anger. With its giant dome-like ears, it picks informed bound sounds, like slurping, crunching, sound or maybe respiratory and reflects them into the ears of its victims. These intense, amplified sounds will cause the receiver to react without reasoning ANd cause fight or flight symptoms like sweating muscle tension and an inflated heartbeat. It may gather visual stimuli with its specially-patterned wings, so heighten the reaction of its victims by mimicking the movement.

“Misophonia will encourage its victims to become a lot of and a lot of secluded, forcing them to actively avoid places or maybets wherever this overplus of sounds or even pictures will occur.”

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Source: Toby Allen

16 Haunting Illustrations Of Mental sicknesses And Disorders
“The psychoneurotic compulsive monster may be a crueal and artful performer that uses concern to regulate its victims. It repeatedly pounds its workers on the bottom and uses its tabby feathers and plenty of eyes to hypnotize its victim, making intense and horrifying obsessions typically connected to the protection of themselves or folks near the,. Victims develop compulsions to hold out repetitive tasks or mental acts to forestall the obsession from returning true or to try to quickly cut back the concern.”

“The monster is nearly ne’er seen however its presence is nearly continually there. Anxiety and Depression monsters ar typically employed by the OCD monster to stay a hold on its victim.”

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Source: Toby Allen

16 Haunting Illustrations Of Mental sicknesses And Disorders
“As a master of deception, Body Dysmorphic Disorder likes to add concert with alternative monsters like OCD. Anxiety and eating disorder, amplifying their effects. With Broken glass-like shards on its abdomen, it acts sort of a distorted mirror, reflective a flase read of whoever appearance into its reflective surface. This reflected monster then weaves an online to lure its victim sort of a spider, and slowly grub away at their vanity and overall well being.”

“This causes the victim to become progressively troubled or preoccupied a couple of specific a part of their body or overall look. they start to believe that their distorted distorted version is that the truth. Victims can typically attempt to conceal what they suppose may be a defect, or worse, actively look for to vary it themselves.”

The next time you feel like mental illnesses or disorders are “in someone’s head” only, remember this creative haunting illustration series. There is far more to the world than what can be physically observed and viewed. Reach out to your friends and family who suffer from these disorders and learn to pick on the sign early on. It is never too late to save a friend trapped in the grip of a monster.

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