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Artist Illustrates All The Silly and Cute Things His Wife Does Through These Brilliant and Hilarious Comics

Tel-Aviv based artist, Yehuda Adi Devir is an illustrator and character designer who decided to share with us a sneak peek of his life with his wife. In these comics, he illustrates all of the adorable and annoying things his wife Maya does, and it’s definitely going to make your day.

Yahuda is using Instagram to share these hilarious illustrations with the world, he already has tons of followers and he continues to gain more and more every single day.

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1. She’s always looking for extra warmth

2. Women are so tiny but somehow they can handle super hot water

3. She can’t get enough of him

4. Cuddles all day everyday!

5. She’s the official roach exterminator of the house

6. Assembling IKEA furniture is her specialty

7. Sometimes she can be too messy

8. Just like every other girl, she takes forever to get ready

9. Logan: Expectations vs. Reality

10. She can be intimidating sometimes

11. She turns in to the Hulk when she’s getting rid of body hair

12. She’s very possessive

13. He likes to play pranks on her sometimes

14. She turns into a werewolf during the winter

This couple are true #RelationshipGoals.

Artist : Yehuda Adi Devir

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