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This Artist Reimagined Zodiac Signs As Terrifying Monsters And Results Are Stunning

The Zodiac symbols are by and large relegated to cheap parlor tricks in today’s society. Back in the 70s, the horoscope was a staple in newspaper reading and with the advent of television and then the internet, the horoscope has thrived. The same unfortunately cannot be said for newspapers. Serial killers, comic characters, and horror movies have taken inspiration by the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

And yet, one artist has taken it upon himself to give them a new image. Damon Hellandbrand is a fantasy artist who gave the astrological signs and well deserved make over. Taking inspiration from the likes of Ralph McQuarrie, Frank Frazetta, and Boris Vallejo, the artist has taken the original concepts and ramped them up to eleven. More of his art can be found here.

Zodiac Signs Redesigned With Terrifying Illustrations


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

The ram presented here illustrates how the Aries is quick to anger and is ready to charge into anything showing their ambitious sides.


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

The terrifying redesign shows the fish, Pisces, in their trustworthy unselfish ways. She is laying down which leads to getting stepped on, another trait of the astrological sign.


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

Representing its strength and will power, no one wants to butt heads with this terrifying redesign.


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

The Aquarius tends to take on many tasks which would explain the multiple limbs on this terrifying redesign.


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

The dual nature of the Gemini is captured perfectly with this two-headed, four armed terrifying redesign.


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

Generally regarded as an earth sign. the Capricorn has taken to the sea in this terrifying redesign.


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

Cancers are generally the stay at home type and nothing says home like this terrifying redesigned crab monster.


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

Mainly considered the philosopher of the astrological signs, this terrifying redesign aims to who you how they spread themselves thin and they wish to channel their efforts into one task with the bow and arrow.


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

Leo is presented here in this terrifying redesign true to form, being a strong leader and pressing their leadership ability forward.


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

Scorpios are usually misunderstood and this terrifying redesign does little to change that stereotype with its multiple tails with stingers and nightmare fuel head.


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

This terrifying redesign lives up to its personality of spinning visually stunning tales but needs a certain amount of balance in their lives.


Source: Artist Damon Hellandbrand

As this terrifying redesign would indicate, Libras represent balance in the astrological landscape. Its scales are matched by its symmetrical form.

Final Thoughts
Hellandbrand has certainly outdone himself on these concepts. He began with pencilling the designs on paper and then scanning them into his computer and using Corel Painter to add the finishing touches. The artist admits that he didn’t do as much research as he would have liked, however, they may have contributed to the eerie nature of the paintings.

These redesigns are pure nightmare fuel. By taking something that most people don’t offer a second thought to and injecting a horror element to it, Hellandbrand has elevated a new interest into the antiquated trope. One may want a second opinion if these are the creatures predicting their fortune.

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