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Artist Turns Horror Icons Into Scary Pez Dispensers

As nostalgia continues to dominate Hollywood, it seems that pretty soon every beloved childhood toy/product will have been turned into a box office hit. Films like The Lego Movie and Pixels were only the tip of the iceberg, as it was announced yesterday that a Pez movie is on the way.

Yes, the line of interactive candy dispensers is getting the big screen treatment in the near future, in the form of an animated feature. Nobody is quite sure how the hell they’re going to pull that one off, or why anyone thinks it’s a good idea on any level, but that’s neither here nor there.

Pez dispensers, and we were hit with the unfortunate realization that very few horror icons have been turned into them over the years. In fact, I’m fairly certain that Frankenstein is the only movie monster in the decades-spanning line.

But what would it look like if our favorite modern horror movie icons were made into Pez dispensers? Canadian artist Brent Andrew Doty has answered that question with his unique artwork, which places the heads of Leatherface, Freddy, Jason and the gang atop plastic, candy-dispensing bodies.

Throughout my life and artistic explorations I have always been fascinated with Pop Culture, Celebrities, and their ability to both inspire and repulse the masses simultaneously,” says Doty. “Over the years, my art has been created using many different mediums, some more successful than others. It was these failures that drove me to find a better way to present these Icons’ varied levels of success and influence on our society.”

Check out Doty’s horror Pez art below, and purchase prints over on his website!

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