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This Artist Uses His Own Blood to Paint His Nightmares

This Artist Uses His Own Blood to Paint His Nightmares

Creative freedom and expression is an important tool in an artist’s arsenal. In our present day and age artists all over the world are using more materials than ever before to create fascinating, mesmerizing, and incredibly unique art.

Yet for all the creativity we see one artist has managed yet again to raise the bar on molding together emotions and artistic expression and you may find this one a little harder to believe.

Maxime André Taccardi has many titles. He’s a teacher, a husband, and a musician. Today, however, it is the badge of artist that takes the center stage. Maxime is currently residing in France and working as an art teacher but is clearly devoting his last years to a passionate endeavor. He is painting intricate and horrifying visions from his dreams and he’s doing it with a rather unique and unusual tool: his own blood. 

Have a look for yourself into his nightmares… with 14 of his own creations you’ll never get out of your head. 

1. Bleed

Maxime André Taccardi

From everywhere? Nowhere?

2. Demons

Maxime André Taccardi

Grasping and gasping.

3. Scream

Maxime André Taccardi

If these were my nightmares, I’d also probably be painting something horrifying.

4. Pain

Maxime André Taccardi

This one is fairly powerful.

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