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10+ Reasons Why “Atlantis” Is The Most Underrated Disney Movie Ever

1. Possibly the sexiest villain* of all time.

2. When Kida was having none of Mole’s lines.

3. When Kida kicked major ass.

4. When Packard revealed something personal about herself.

5. When Cookie explained the four basic food groups.

6. When the hat never fit Milo.

7. Packard’s Response to Mole

8. When Kida asked this question.

9. And Milo was the smoothest man alive.

10. And he just continued to be the master of smooth.

11. Whenever Packard said anything.

12. When Mole went political for a second.

13. When Vinny wanted to ride in style.

14. When Kida is possessed by the crystal.

15. When the dirt was disturbed.

16. When Vinny explained what he had along with his explosives.

17. When Doctor Sweet said these words of wisdom.

18. When this thing showed up.

19. When Commander Rourke was an ass and Helga wasn’t about it.

20. And it wasn’t personal.

21. When Rourke basically turned into Electro from Spider-man.

So yeah, Atlantis is definitely the best Disney film ever.

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