Disney Just Opened A Dress Shop For Adults And It’s Freaking Amazing

Disney costumes for children you might have seen, but Disney dresses for adults? Other than Halloween? Well, that’s new!

If you’re planning to visit Disney anytime soon, be sure to check out their new shop called The Dress Shop. So, you can wander Disney world and represent Disney characters, without wearing a costume.

Image via Instagram

So, you can look super adorable, and pay tribute to Disney alongside. The shop opened just a few weeks back, so the dresses aren’t available online yet. But they will be soon.

Donna Sorrow told the Disney Parks Blog“We designed The Dress Shop collection for guests who want to emulate their favorite Disney characters or theme park attractions in a fun, retro way. These items aren’t costumes, rather the collection contains perfect outfits for guests who have a passion for Disney style.”

Disney’s Spring Twitter account revealed some of the dresses and disclosed the location of another upcoming dress shop; Orlando.


This dress pays tribute to Belle and her love for books. I’m definitely turning into a beast when this becomes available online:

Image via Twitter


And of course, you have to compliment the dress with this adorable Chip purse.


Image via Twitter


And this incredible retro number, portraying the Enchanted Tiki Room section:

Image via Twitter


How about this one? The bags go quite well with it too.

Image via Twitter


And here’s a little something piratey for the girls; A Pirates of the Carribean themed dress with compatible and cute accessories.

Image via Twitter


Snow White, anyone? This one is personally my favourite. Look at those adorable little apples.

Image via Twitter


Look at this eye-catching Alice in Wonderland dress, so bright and dreamy, right?

Image via Twitter


I can’t contain myself.

Image via Twitter


Those who visited the store told us that the dresses are available till sizes up to 3XL, and they cost from $100-$160. I guess most of us just have to wait till they’re available to be sold online.



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