Un-Happily Ever After.

Life is cruel and anyone who has lived for even fifteen years can tell you that. Everyone has problems no matter the age. We don’t usually get a happily ever after. That’s not to say life does not have its happy moments.

In real life, you don’t find a prince in two days and get married the next, living a happily ever after. Life is much more complicated than that. However, no one wanted to know about these complications, when they were young. The glorified and magical version of life was all that we wanted.

However, Someone set out to show the real endings of some of the most famous movies. I might not be pleased seeing my favourite characters like this, but it’s life.

#1 Mulan in the polluted China.


#2 The stolen land from Pocahontas.

#3 The real jungle in the world.

#4 Lilo and Stitch in the lonely world.

Via Disney Unhappily Ever After – Tumblr


#5 His Fried Friends.


#6 The Lost Boys.

#7 Tarzan going to the new job.

#8 Pinocchio doing some graffiti.

#9 The caged crab from The Little Mermaid.

#10 Lions in the zoo.

#11 The war in Syria.

#12 The Princess and The Frog.

#13 The Hunchback Of Notre Dam.

#14 The Abused Dumbo.

#15 Ariel in the polluted water.

#16 Cinderella.

#17 The severed head of Bambi.

#18 Beauty does not come easily.

#19 The caged puppies from 101 Dalmatians.

#20 Even Elsa can’t keep the ice from melting.



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