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Disney Princesses Brilliantly Re-Imagined As RPG Characters

Disney princesses have always been fighting evil whenever they  find themselves head to head with it, always trying to make the world best place, but they usually employ peaceful methods in order to prove that resorting to violence is never necessary.

In a more violent world where Disney princesses were a little bit stronger physically and the circumstances compelled them to get more physical, each one of them would have to adapt to that world and they would look something like this.

1. Pocahontas The Warrior

2. Jasmine The Summoner

3. Cinderella The Paladin

4. Aurora The Black Mage

5. Tiana The Lancer

6. Rapunzel The Thief

7. Mulan The Monk

8. Merida The Archer

9. Snow White The White Mage

10. Belle The Beastmaster

12.Ariel The Red Mage

12.Kira The Dark Knight

All Images Source : DeviantArt


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