Do You Know How Hot Dog Can Be The Reason Of Cancer?


Diet is one of the many factors of lifestyle that influences the health of human being. What we eat, directly affects our health and sometimes results in deadly diseases. One such disease is Cancer. There are many foods that increases the risk of developing cancer. Without knowing, you probably eat these foods everyday. So, better to know which are these foods that causes cancer.

No matter how careful people are about their health, but there are a few people who can’t control their hunger by seeing fast food. These fast foods are mouth-watering and even knowing their side effects, we eat them.
However, you have heard that fast food causes damaging of metabolism, teeth or increase fat in the body. But, have you ever heard about its risk of causing cancer?

Fast Foods Which Causes Cancer:

Hot dog is a fast food that contains ingredients like pork, chicken, sodium nitrite, sodium ascrobrete, sodium phosphate, and sodium lactate. These ingredients are not good for health and can be factors of increasing the risk of cancer.

Side Effects Of Eating Hot Dog:

According to the American Institute Cancer’s Research, it was found that eating a hot dog during the day increases the risk of stomach cancer by up to 18%.

Eating Hot Dog Can Also Be The Reason Of:

If children over 10 years of age eat 12 hot dogs in one month then they may be vulnerable to dangerous diseases. One of these diseases is Leukemia.


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