‘Things are about to get pretty ugly’ – Mykie

Most of the people have heard about Glam & Gore. As she does have more than a million followers on Youtube and Instagram. Her special effects makeup is unlike any other. As she doesn’t always go for the glamorous look. Her looks can sometimes become ugly, even downright gross sometimes.

To my amazement, she is also self-taught. She is LA based and regulary shows her amazing work on Youtube and Instagram. We have compiled some of her work as follows. She shows both the glamorous and the gory side of her creations. Which is evident by her chosen name.

More Info: Instagram | Youtube | Facebook | Glamandgore.com

#1 Snow White Before And After The Poisoned Apple.

#2 Lana Del Rey Before And After Zombie Apocalypse.

Glad that the flowers still look fresh.


#3 Rapunzel Before And After Hanging Herself.

Rapunzel Before And After Getting Tangled In Her Hair

Via Mykie

She hanged herself.? Takes the mommy issues in Tangled to a whole new level, that and the title tangled.

#4 Little Mermaid Before And After Getting Hooked.

I think this looks more like after dissection.

#5 The Wicked Witch Before And After Melting.

What was she made up of.? Candles.?

#6 Elsa Before And After Getting Frozen.

But the cold never bothered her anyway?

#7 Happy Clown Before And After The Start Of A Horror Movie.

Thats great fuel for horrible nightmares.

#8 Mermaid Before And After Being Exposed To Toxic Waste.

I’m glad the toxic waste made her holographic.

#9 Barbie Before And After Failed Plastic Surgeries.

“Don’t be dramatic it’s only some plastic” – Melanie Martinez.

#10 Daenerys Before And After Becoming The Dothraki Queen.

Are we sure Emilia Clarke didn’t pose for this picture.?

#11 Prom Queen Before And After A Nasty Fight For The Crown.

I don’t want to get in the middle of High school girl problems.


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