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10+ Creepy Tattoos Of Faceless Girls That Are Haunting Yet Sensual

The Toronto-based tattoo artist known as “SEWP” is captivating audiences with his faceless girl tattoos. His signature style and designs manage to capture multiple aspects of art, featuring imagery that gives you eerie sensations and borderline erotic sensations as well. Without so much as a face, these tattooed females are pretty creepy and pretty sensual.

There’s quite the audience for this unusual and intriguing style of art, too. SEWP boasts nearly 60,000 followers on Instagram these days and the following continues to grow. Each piece of unique artwork manages to capture unique personalities and feature only black ink.

If a mysterious yet tantalizing tattoo sounds right up your alley, then you might just have to travel to Canada and sit in for one of these fascinating designs. For now, we can all just stare, mystified, inquisitive, puzzled, and unable to look away.

1. Angelic or Demonic

She’s got both angles covered.

2. The Devil Within

Eerie, mysterious… incredible.

3. Unbelievable

One color and a lot of dedication can turn out unparalleled.

4. Flirty

Some of SEWP’s eerie, faceless women are playful in their new forms.

5. Hot and Cold

A little party goes a long way.

6. Friendly or Mysterious?

With the unique style of ink, you never really know.

7. She’s a real flirt.

No creep factor could overcome how flirtatious and fun this one is.

8. Nightmares

This is by far one of the creepiest designs but it’s also quite impressive.

9. Good times roll.

Each individual tattoo has its own personality.

10. Soul Sucker

She’ll get you when you’re not looking.

11. Calm

A quiet calm can settle looking at these eerie tattoos.

12. Contemplate good times.

So much personality gets packed into each piece of art.

13. Just an inch

A little goes a long way.

14. Gunslinger

How anyone could manage to capture an eerie essence reminiscent of the old west is beyond me but SEWP definitely nailed it.

15. Mystery

She is her own mystery.

16. Calm, collected, cool.

And still a bit creepy.

17. Legs for days..

Everyone has room for a unique design like this!

18. Elegant

No matter how eerie or classy you want to go, SEWP will nail it.

via:Instagram – SEWP

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