10+ Horror Photos By Photographer Dad Featuring Own Daughters

Being a parent may be a great joy but some parents do not believe in the average monotony of raising kids the normal way. One dad takes parenting to a whole new level by involving his daughters in his work – horror photos, Recreating bloodcurdling surreal scenarios, his photographic series titled “After Dark My Sweet” is made from nightmares.

Joshua Hoffine is based in Kansas City, Missouri. Over the past decade he spent time bringing nightmares to life with his creative horror photos.  His twisted imagination, props and a camera are all he needs besides his young daugthers for models. The complete collection of menacing and macabre masterpieces, “After Dark My Sweet”can be purchased as well. If you have a knack for the grisly, you can find his book on Kickstarter.

Monsters Under The Bed

“Daddy, what is for dinner?”

Gas Them All Out

“Mommy, wake up!”

Candy Shop

Upstairs To Bed

The Mummy Grave

Descent To Hell

Satanic Dreams

You Are Not Alone

Come Out And Play

Monsters In The Closet


One would instantly take this as an instance of child abuse but you will be surprised to hear that the children enjoyed every bit of it. Despite looking terrified out of their wits, the young girls were actually having a great time. They were delighted to be featured in their dad’s gruesome and terrifying photography. The interesting results yielded appraisal from the daughters first who stated that “they loved it”. In fact, they considered the whole thing to be a giant dress up game.

We all know that playing with the devil eventually tempts the devil to come out of hiding. Let us just hope that  these nightmares do not manifest themselves unto the little girls’ real lives eventually.

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