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Till Death Do Us Part: This Couple Has A Killer Wedding Photo Shoot

Vanessa (Van) Lawson and Josh Morden are about to take the plunge and join each other’s company for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately for them, that won’t be too far down the road as the couple had a very famous camping enthusiast crash their wedding photos. The zombie killer of Camp Crystal Lake couldn’t even wait for the crazy kids to get down the aisle before showering them with affection…and blood.

Van and Josh share a love of horror movies that may be the bond that keeps them alive during this horrific shoot. Many couples have started incorporating themes to their wedding photos to spruce up what some may consider a tired tradition. What God has brought together, let no machete tear apart.

Josh and Vanessa, sitting in a tree

Josh and Vanessa began dating in high school and through college which would put them at the right age demographic for Jason’s blood lust.

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Prenuptial agreement

Jason only kills teenagers with loose morals. I wonder what made these two love birds catch his rotting puss-filled eyes.

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Ignorance is bliss

Obviously, they are so smitten with one another, they are unfamiliar with the story of the camp counselors who weren’t paying attention and let an innocent boy drown many years ago. or perhaps they are thrillseekers looking to participate in Jason Vorhees’ annual murder jamboree.

Source: http://bmgray.com

Stretching is best before extensive cardio

Nothing like a run for your life in the woods to proclaim your love for your spouse to be.

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I object!

Jason certainly is fickle. he hates preteen sex but is now going after two people who are trying to do the right thing.

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Jason’s a good helper

Jason overheard Vanessa saying that she wanted to lose a few pounds for the ceremony.

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Til death do us part

Josh hopes that Vanessa will have the strength to move on.

Source: http://bmgray.com

A killer game of hide and seek

Jason hopes that the bride and groom like his wedding gift. it cost an arm and a leg!

Source: http://bmgray.com

Raising a toast

“To the bride and groom on the happiest day of their lives!”

Source: http://bmgray.com

What a rock!

Vanessa was proud to show off the band connecting her and Joshua forever.

Source: http://bmgray.com

“We knew exactly how we wanted to die. We definitely wanted the shot of the killer standing in the woods staring at us as we held hands.” Van told Yahoo Shine. The Canadian couple is going to be joined together for all eternity provided they didn’t undergo some traumatic experience that caused them to leave this mortal coil unnaturally. Given the nature of their relationship, I’m sure they will suit Vanessa and Josh just fine. We’re not sure when Josh and Van will actually tie the knot but our bets are on October 31st or Friday the 13th.


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