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10+ Parents Who Are Totally Fed The Fuck Up Of Their Kids

Being a parent can be difficult.

Especially if your child keeps acting out or constantly posts about “getting dick.” I can’t imagine how awkward or frustrating that would be. However, some badass parents call their children out on their behaviour. And it’s always hilarious when they do.

Here are some parents who are totally fed the fuck up with their kids:

#1 Damn, just remember his birthday next time!

@LukasThoms / Twitter / Via Twitter: @LukasThoms

#2 Learn to take responsibility.

Connor Cox

#3 I would deactivate too.

@hard_candyjpeg / Twitter / Via Twitter: @hard_candyjpeg

#4 She sent her a whole ass paragraph.

@missssgeorge / Twitter / Via Twitter: @missssgeorge@minute1police

#5 I would want to escape the face of the Earth after this.

@mommaash01 / Twitter / Via Twitter: @mommaash01

#6 He wouldn’t call his dad. Savage mode activated.

@YoussefZidkido / Twitter / Via Twitter: @YoussefZidkido

#7 This mom knows how to troll by making an instagram account to copy her daughter.

@momlife4realz / Instagram / Via Instagram: @momlife4realz

#8 That would be me as a mom.

@dontatmebih / Twitter / Via Twitter: @dontatmebih@drawer6oboe

#9 It’s only fair.

@Namastaywoke / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Namastaywoke

#10 Oh…

@mfuntoyi / Twitter / Via Twitter: @mfuntoyi

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