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Take The Most Magical Naps With These Amazing Princess Dress Blankets

A Kansas based crocheter named Carol Hladik had the brilliant idea to make these adorable princess blankets after it came to her while she was recovering from foot surgery in February.

She told Cosmopolitan

“I thought it would be nice to have a fun blanket to help me feel better,”

 “I love princesses and big, poufy skirts. Even when I got married, I wanted that big skirt. I was playing around and decided to create something fun.”

And now thanks to her, we can all enjoy our very own personalized princess blanket in 3 different crochet patterns, the first one is a Belle-inspired blanket, the second one is a sleeping Beauty-inspired blanket, and the last one is a Rapunzel-inspired blanket. And the best part is that you can purchase the crochet pattern PDF on Etsy, and have your own personalized blanket in no time!

1. The ‘Belle’ Version


2. The ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Version


3. The ‘Rapunzel’ Version

via: Etsy

You can learn how to crochet here:

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