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Someone Drew the Disney Princesses With Normal Bodies and They Look Beautiful

As much as i really like the filmmaker princesses you cannot deny that they need somewhat unreal body proportions.

I understand that they are solely animated characters, which throughout humanistic discipline humans have continuously felt the necessity to exaggerate what we discover most engaging. That being aforesaid, there’s one issue we want to comprehend – totally different strokes work for various of us. What you discover repulsive are very enticing to some other person. that is why i’m therefore happy that the fellows over at Curvy Kate have re-drawn the filmmaker women with additional realistic bodies.

#1 Belle


via: www.curvykate.com

Little Miss Belle is now sporting a fuller, more curvaceous figure and we think she looks awesome.

#2 Pocahontas


via: www.curvykate.com

Here is the gorgeous Pocahontas rocking out in Curvy Kate’s best-selling Luxe strapless and showing the world that you can look slammin’ at any shape or size.

#3 Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

via: www.curvykate.com

Pretty in pink, Aurora oozes confidence that Prince Philip won’t be able to resist.

#4 The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid

via: www.curvykate.com

Ariel looks ravishing and of course she’s in Curvy Kate bikini…what else?

#5 Snow White

Snow White

via: www.curvykate.com

Little Snow White has gone all alternative on us. She’s showing off a retro blue do, piercings and tiny tatts… Snow White just got cool.

#6 Tiana


via: www.curvykate.com

Tiana’s rocking those curves like a pro! #bodygoals

#7 Jasmine


via: www.curvykate.com

Yes Jasmine! With all the tattoos and the attitude to match, Jasmine looks every bit the fearless princess she is.

(Source: Curvy Kate)

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