12 Twisted and Dark Versions Of Disney Princesses

I kinda prefer Disney this way 👌

Disney princesses area unit typically represented because the heroes of the stories, they pay most of their times doing the maximum amount sensible as they will, and that they fight evil once it tries to impose itself in their lives. At the end, they continually find yourself living blithely ever when, however this point, they positively don’t.

associate degree creator by the name Jeffrey Thomas had the sensible plan to utterly rework our beloved film producer princesses into some very twisted and dark versions of themselves, and by doing that he utterly forced them to the dark facet, and it’ll take a while for America to urge wont to one thing like that.

1. Wendy


via: Jeffrey Thomas


2. Jasmine

via: Jeffrey Thomas


3. Cinderella

via: Jeffrey Thomas


4. Rapunzel

via: Jeffrey Thomas


5. Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast
via: Jeffrey Thomas

6. Mulan

via: Jeffrey Thomas

7. Pocahontas

via: Jeffrey Thomas

8. Tiana

via: Jeffrey Thomas

9. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty
via: Jeffrey Thomas

10. The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid
via: Jeffrey Thomas

11. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland
via: Jeffrey Thomas

12. Snow White

Snow White
via: Jeffrey Thomas

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