What Kind Of Person Are You? The Shape Of Your Forehead Can Tell About It


The structure of human body says everything about the personality of a human being. Though, every person born with different physical features and personality traits, still there are many features that make them look alike. There is nothing strange in having similar features. When we particularly talk about the forehead, we will find a lot of people out there having similar forehead type.

As moles on the body says about your personality, likewise the type of forehead says a lot about one’s personality. So, read on and know what does your shape of forehead reveals about your personality?

Here, read the details of personality of human being having different shapes of forehead:

1. Wide

Personality trait: They are likeable, quick learner, and highly skilled.


Generally, women with wide forehead try to cover their forehead with bangs, but they shouldn’t do this. In fact, they should flaunt it. Such people born with silver spoon. People with wide forehead are very intelligent. As well as being intelligent, their talent for decision making is also amazing. They have the ability to complete any task before time.

2. Narrow

Personality trait: They are emotional and introvert.

People whose forehead is small in size, they are of very emotional nature. They get hurt easily and feel bad even about small things. The thing to mention is that their mood is not stable. They have a lot of mood swings.

3. Straight

Personality trait: They are hardworking, friendly, and straightforward.

People having straight forehead are very straightforward and firm about their principles. They take time to come closer to other people. Winning their heart isn’t easy for others. Also, to make such people fall in love is quite difficult.


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